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Wine lovers living in the USA can now (re-)order wines from Alsace, Burgundy and Tuscany via this shop. As you do NOT pay the 20% French (TVA) or Italian taxes,  buying and shipping wines via our shop has become very affordable now!

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End of 2017 (also on Facebook)

Hi Pieter, I wanted to let you know that everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much!! Lots of bubbly for the holiday season and I’m visiting my Dad next week so the timing couldn’t have been better. We really appreciate everything you did for us. Happy Holidays.

Your contact: Pieter Smits

Pieter Smits

Wine lover and tour guide

I have been interested in wine practically all my life. Living in Amsterdam I did the "SVH- Slijters Vakopleiding". It is not a coincidence that I came to live in France right between the wine regions of Alsace and Burgundy in 2003.

The wine tours started as a hobby. It grew to be my main business in 2012. Since then I organize private (more) day wine tours and wine tastings in the French Alsace and Burgundy region and Tuscany Italy, all year round. 

I can ship the wines people have bought on a tour to many countries in the world. ​For our American customers I even went one step further. Americans can now (re-)order wines from Alsace, Burgundy and Tuscany from their home via this shop.